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We are a solar EPC company, that is, we do complete, end-to-end execution of your solar energy installation.

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Our solar experts will meet with you to assess the feasible options for installing a solar power plant at your premises.

We will also provide expert advisory on the best solutions for you based on the technicalities of your site and the policy in your region.



Our engineers will design the most suitable configuration of solar power system for your requirement.

We utilise available space to generate maximum energy, while keeping the aesthetics in check.

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We provide you a detailed techno-commercial proposal for your solar power system.

The projected financial savings, operational and environmental impacts are highlighted to ease your decision making process.



We complete the entire installation of your solar power system right down to the final civil works - including, elevated structures wherever needed.

Our installation team is timely, efficient, and their workmanship is of gold standard.

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By managing our relationship well with governmental organisations (DISCOMS, for instance), we process any legal paperwork that may be required for your solar energy system.

We do this on your behalf to ensure that your experience of going solar is smooth, simple, and quick.



Our relationship with you does not end at installation and/or commissioning.

We provide post-installation support which ensures that your solar power system is operating efficiently and without issues.

How it Works

The approach we take to deliver our work is centered around you and your goals.

Making the transition to using cleaner energy for your home, apartment, educational institution, or workplace – is an exciting prospect. But, it’s not straightforward. 

With many companies and products to choose from, it can often be challenging to reach a final decision. You don’t see advertisements for solar power, nor is it something that frequently comes up in your daily lives. 

How do I know if this is a good quality product?” “Can we trust this solar start-up?” “What is the guarantee that the system will actually perform?We address such concerns not to make a sale, but to help you feel confident about your decision.

  • We provide you with certified products from companies that actually honour their warranties and guaranties.
  • We ensure that you are aware of all the options that are relevant to your goals of going solar.
  • We give you realistic timelines for the installation and commissioning of your solar power system.
  • We keep you informed about any changes or modifications during the process.
  • We leave the final decision in your hands. We would never push you to make a decision for our own benefit.
  • We give you options for financial support, so you can go solar without diluting your personal savings.

Finance Your Solar

Explore Pay-As-You-Go and EMI models that reduce upfront costs more than 80%



25% Cheaper

Pay 25% lesser than utility price for every unit of electricity consumed

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Invest in only 10% of the system cost upfront, and the rest over the lease period


Fixed Tenure

You assume ownership of the system after a period of 15 years.


Fast & Easy

We install your system in just 30 days after your application


A complete guide to going solar at your home.


A comprehensive guide on switching to solar power at your apartment building.


A detailed guide to using solar power at your school, college, or institution.



12% APR

Pay your solar system's cost back at 12% annual percentage rate (APR)

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80% Loaned

Invest in only 20% of the system cost upfront, and the rest through EMI


Flexible EMIs

You can choose to pay off the loan over a period of 3, 5, 7 or 10 years.


Fast & Easy

We avail the loan on your behalf in just 30 days after your application

for a 3kW System

(excluding small % of initial investment)

Pay-As-You-Go Solar

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Solar on EMI

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You show interest towards availing a solar power system on one of the financing options.

Like any other financing option, your credit score will be assessed as a process of availing this option.

The following documents would be needed to start the application process:

  • ID proof and address proof
  • Latest Income Tax Returns (ITR) document
  • 3 years Bank statement
  • 3 month’s EMI cheque to be given as advance (after EMI is approved and before availing it)

We do a site survey and solar consult with you to understand your requirement.

We process your application with our financing partners.

If everything checks out, your application gets approved and the installation of your solar power system begins.

The final commissioning and technical checks of the solar power system before you can start using it.

You use the solar power system under the terms and conditions of the EMI or pay-as-you-go tenure.

After the completion of your tenure, you assume complete ownership of the system.


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