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The Ochre House, set in the heart of Bangalore, is an entirely sustainable home – designed by human beings and made by the Earth. The Ochre House was nominated for “Best Architecture: Social Impact Projects” by Forbes Design Awards 2019



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Driving a sustainable venture isn’t easy, and we have a deep understanding of the hurdles that come with it. How? Because, we are there and doing that.

We don’t forget about what we promised you. Your time is as important as ours. Getting things done is more important to us than fuelling our egos.

We believe in failing frequently and fast – there’s no better way to get better at something. We let our work do the talking for us.

From referring you new business to showing appreciation on social media, we do it all – just for you. 

100% on solar power

A grid-connected 96 kilowatt rooftop solar energy system provides power for the entire common area of the apartment community. This became the first apartment in Bangalore to run their entire common area with solar power.

Economical impact: Savings of INR 1,00,000 every month.

Environmental impact: Equal to powering 33 homes + saving trees equal to 2 Lalbagh Gardens

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