We are looking for people, young or old, who are driven by positive social change – with a knack for communicating in the digital world. This is an opportunity to indulge in consumer behaviour, social media analytics, free-flowing-fun content creation, graphic design – all done with 100% honesty and transparency. 

Why work with Solarify?

  1. Opportunity to experience a steep learning curve
  2. Freedom to innovate and experiment on the job
  3. Gain experience of marketing a high-cost, high-impact products
  4. Be a part of a young team and dynamic work culture

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Sustainable Marketing @Solarify

The person excels at not only coming up with ideas, but also quickly execute them. Keeping empathy at the core of marketing, the individual has a very good understanding of the target audience. Digital marketing at Solarify is all about the freedom to learn – by failing fast and frequently.


Full-time internship

INR 5000-10000 per month | No equity

Bangalore, India

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Design
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • SEO 
  • Renewables & Environment
  • Environmental Services
  • Financial Services


  • Create relevant content
  • Network with media firms to cover various unique projects
  • Set up meetings with prospective stakeholders
  • Understanding the in’s and out’s of selling rooftop solar power systems
  • Ideate & run marketing campaigns
  • Participate in relevant events


  • At least 1 previous internship in digital marketing
  • Basic working knowledge of digital marketing tools and platforms
  • Has at least 3 months of time (for the internship)
  • A good eye for design (and digital design)
  • Understands Twitter / Instagram marketing well
  • Detail-oriented
  • Doer
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinker
  • Quick-learner
  • Ready to experiment & take risks
  • An interest in environmentalism
  • Empathy
  • Good command over English grammar
  • Communication
  • Consultative Approach
  • Basic graphic design (Canva / Photoshop)
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