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Written by Georgin Paulose | Dec 19, 2018

Have you ever scratched your head, looking at the common area electricity bill in your apartment? 

Have you ever thought of a way to address it, but fell short? 

Well, then you may have never looked up your apartment building’s terrace area.

Yes, I am referring to the same terrace which you use to dry your clothes or take a walk to enjoy the beauty of your city while making some phone calls. When you realise the potential of this free area as an investment, your community can cut down common area electricity expenses and contribute to the environment by using clean (solar) energy. (Read more: A comprehensive guide for apartment communities to go solar)

empty rooftop
The view from an apartment's (empty) terrace


Statistics tell us that an average household needs about 1500 units of power annually. Given that, you can imagine the amount of consumption in a gated apartment community. In addition to the power consumption by individual households, the community’s build-up area needs electricity to power lighting, automated sprinklers, elevators, and more. 

The other factor to consider here is that all the technological innovations of this generation are leading to large-scale consumption of energy. Without corrective measures and the adoption of alternative forms of energy, this can create a huge energy demand versus supply gap

So, how can we address this issue in the context of gated apartment communities? It’s simple. Solarify your apartment’s terrace. 

Historically, solar panels are known for its industrial and commercial applications. That’s changed now with clear net metering policies in place across the country. Now, it’s easier for homeowners and communities to adopt solar energy.

Earlier this year, the BAF (Bangalore Apartment Federation) put forward their vision for apartment communities to go solar. BESCOM, too, realising the potential of rooftop solar in Bangalore, had put forward a plan to generate 1000 MW of rooftop solar energy by the year 2022. They even used Lidar technology enabled choppers to map the rooftops of Bengaluru. As a result, homeowners can check the solar potential of their home’s terrace on BESCOM’s website. (Read more: An individual homeowner’s guide to adopting solar power)

The whole process of adopting solar power is taken care of by solar energy services providers in the market. They help you make the right choices that bode well for you in the long term.

solar generation data
Data: 10% higher than expected generation due to better design. Better service providers give better design.

If you still feel even a little hesitant about Solarifying your apartment terrace take a walk to Brigade Petunia in Banashankari (Bengaluru) – the first apartment in Bangalore to run 100% of their common area on solar energy. Their resident welfare association made it possible because they were determined to cut down costs through sustainable action.

The Sun, your terrace area, the government are all waiting for you to make the right decision. 

So, why wait? Let’s Solarify your apartment building.

Brigade Petunia: Project Summary

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