Buy cleaner stuff in 2020 (feat. solar power)

solar vs iphone
Why buying cleaner stuff makes sense, financially and sustainably. A series of examples that will convince you to do the right thing.

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Buying stuff is inevitable. As modern human beings, we are entitled to do that as much as we are empowered by it. Ultimately, what we choose to buy falls upon us, with some choices being better – sustainably and financially – over others.

I couldn’t possibly comment on the entire spectrum of sustainable buying, but let’s focus on something that we need and use in our day-to-day lives: energy.

Cleaner energy choices make financial sense, and here are some #StuffvsSolar examples that will help you see that as well:

iPhone vs. Solar Power

Sedan vs. Solar Power

Diamond Jewellery vs. Solar Power

Marble Flooring vs. Solar Power

Expensive Clothes vs. Solar Power

Europe Vacation vs. Solar Power

Fancy Workplace vs. Solar Power

Luxurious Wedding vs. Solar Power

#StuffvsSolar is a mindset

Nobody can force you to make these choices against your will. Yet, there are upsides to making such choices. This is just with energy, so imagine the possibilities of extending this to the entire spectrum of sustainability.

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