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400 kWp

Solar Installed

16.7 Lakh

Tons of CO2 Removed Yearly

525,304 kWhr

Electricity Produced Yearly


Equivalent Number of Trees Planted


Monthly Savings

#Solarify Advantages

Solarify Engineer

Design & Engineering

Design &

We have qualified solar engineers, architects and structural engineers to design the best system customized for your needs.


New Products


We integrate the best and newest solar technologies in our projects to ensure maximum power output which also includes building integrated PV panels.


Aesthetical Design


Our engineers and architects pick products that make your installation look aesthetically pleasing and well integrated into the buildings.


Best Market Rates

Best Market

We have strategic tie-ups with solar EPC companies in South India to provide you the most competitive rates by screening multiple bids.


Savings On Bills

Savings On

We ensure our installations provide you guaranteed savings on your monthly electrical bills with our long term solar savings plans.

Financing Plans


We provide various financing plans for your solar system. Sit back and enjoy lower electricity bills while your roof-space works for you.

Some of Our Work

> We are currently working towards our vision to #Solarify 1 lakh rooftops across homes, apartments, luxury villas, industries, and public spaces.
> Also, we are testing out new kinds of inverters, batteries, and softwares in our projects - pushing ourselves to do better with every new rooftop solar project.
Extremely satisfied with the Solarify project in our "Hari Niketan". I advice every resident of Bangalore to take the product and service from Solarify for a greener and eco-friendly Bangalore / Karnataka.- Sivaraman Hariharan, 2.2 kilowatt solar at Kasturi Nagar, Bangalore
We are compiling our customer testimonials for now. Watch this space for an update.
We are compiling our customer testimonials for now. Watch this space for an update.

#Solarify Blogs

Are Solar Panels Actually Sustainable?

Over the last five years, there has been an exponential growth in discussions surrounding solar energy and its feasibility. With the technology, products, and infrastructure becoming...

How To Be A Changemaker At The Traffic Stop

When was the last time you were at a traffic signal or making a brief pitstop at the side of the road, and actually turned off your motorised vehicle’s engine? If you’re thinking, I always do that, you might want to add-on to what...

The Perks of Being an Independent Power Producer

As the great Indian summer rapidly approaches, people in most parts of the country will be battling against two of the world’s biggest problems...

The Solar Rooftop Irony: Germany versus India

I live in Heidelberg, Germany, a city that can be compared to the likes of Mysore or Chikmagalur both in terms of size and beauty. The ways of people and the general vibe of the city is also quite similar...

My Journey As An Engineer At A Solar Energy Start-Up

As I look back on my first year with Solarify, I can confidently say that it has been an insightful journey into the world of start-ups, renewable energy, and...

Buildings That Communicate With The Sun

What if I told you that buildings can look great and be energy independent at the same time? It’s true, energy independence is beautiful. The solution exists in ...

Investing In Solar Power Is Better Than Putting Your Money In The Bank

Independence is great. But, in a democracy, especially one like India, we experience it in fragmentation. Before you jump to conclusions about...

How Learning At Work Could Fix Our World’s Sustainability Problem

Everyone has access to the same amount of time every day. 24 hours. We spend 8 hours of that sleeping, during which we are influenced by...

Energy Efficient Homes Are Not Unicorns, They Are Horses

Sustainable living is very much real...

Why SolarCoin Is The Most Credible Cryptocurrency Today

SolarCoin is a digital currency backed by the Sun. The main purpose of this global initiative is to provide an incentive to produce solar energy, thereby rewarding SolarCoins to the producers of solar electricity...

Rooftop Solar in Review 2017

The Indian Solar market is alive and kicking. We broke a record double installations in the first quarter...

Will Solar become the primary source of energy in India replacing Coal?

The growth in the Solar Sector in India has been tremendous in the last decade. The number of solar installations has risen from less than 1 MW to 16 GW in the year 2017. This is a 15,000% increase in the solar sector...

Keeping Net Metering Simple

Net-metering is a concept which was developed in the year 1983, in the United States of America. It simply...

100% Clean and Renewable Energy from Wind, Water, and Sunlight

Rephrasing this famous line from the movie Back to the Future to “We don’t need any Coal” makes me wonder...

The potential of Renewable Energy in South India

As on 31.03.2016, India has achieved a total installed capacity of 42,849 MW from Renewable Energy Sources. Out of which Wind power...

Energy as a Service

By guest author — Girish Shivakumar In the last few weeks two big announcements caught my attention. Incidentally both of them happened to be Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. The first one garnered more attention because...

Asking the right questions to a Solar Rooftop EPC Partner

Ever wondered if solar power would work for your home and then later dismissed the idea? You’re not the only one. Hundreds of homes and building owners hear about solar in the news and disregard the concept due to insufficient...

Solar — This farmer’s pride.

During a time when farmers are abandoning agriculture due to the tough natural and financial situations, Mr. M K Kailash Murthy, a farmer from Mysore is not only a dedicated cultivator but...

Electricity tariff hiked by 8% in Bengaluru again, Solar is the solution!

The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has approved an 8% tariff hike for the year 2017–2018, averaging an increase of 48 paise per unit every fiscal year...

How Solar power can help you save on your electricity bills — [Part-1]

There are times when you start wondering why your electricity bills are increasing every month. It is of crucial importance to know how to save your electricity bills with the constant rise in Grid Tariffs. These tariffs are fixed by the...

How Solar power can help you save on your electricity bills — [Part-2]

In continuation from our previous post on How to read your Electricity bills in Karnataka for a residential connection, here we look at how installing a solar roof top can reduce your electricity bills and...

Did you know installing a Solar rooftop system can reduce your carbon footprint by 95%?

Solar energy works on the basic principle of photoelectric effect where light is converted to electricity. This conversion takes place without any emissions of toxic gases into the...

Is a Rooftop Solar PV system a feasible option to reduce your electricity bills?

Yes, definitely. We think that a grid connected rooftop solar PV system is a feasible solution for a residence in Bengaluru. HOW? The Government of Karnataka has introduced...

Sunroof project - Estimating your solar PV capacity

Recently Google announced the creation of the company ‘Alphabet’ of which ‘G’ is for Google. This left everyone to wonder what the other letters will stand for. Looks like we have an answer for ‘S’.

Solar power potential in Peenya Industrial Area

Peenya Industrial Area (PIA) is largest small scale industrial sectors within Bengaluru city. PIA is one of the largest Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) cluster in the country.

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